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Sushihana wine, beer, and sake
Sushihana premium sakes


Sushihana has collected the most extensive selection of sake of any restaurent in San Antonio. You can ask for samples of different styles and qualities of sake. We can recommend different sakes that will complement your meal. To find out more about sake, click on this link - Sake Terms.


Sake with a small amount of brewer’s alcohol added to the fermentation. Alcohol must be added during fermentation. It must also have a Seimai Buai of at least 70%.

Ozeki Karatamba “Champion”  (300ml)25

Slightly sweet vanilla nose gives way to pleasant rice pudding characteristics. Bone dry finish that lingers as a bitter sweet sensation on the tongue.

Honnama Outouka  (300ml) 25

Unpasteurized to produce a velvety smooth flavor and light fragrances.


Jun means “pure” and Mai means “rice”. Sake made from rice, water and Koji. Must have a minimum Seimai Buai of 70%. No other additives may be used.

Hakushika Gold Flakes Yamadanishiki  (720ml) 60

Refreshing and rich body with gold flakes added. Make with 100% premium Yamadanishiki rice.

Murai Family Tanrei Junmai  (300ml)20

Tanrei Junmai: Tanrei means "crisp and dry." An elegant, crisp and dry Junmai with melon aromas and rich cantaloupe flavors accompanying a creamy body.

Kurosawa Junmai-Kimoto “Black Creek”  (300ml)25

Boasting natural Kimoto flavor, which is full-bodied and earthy, yet light. It is exquisitely balanced and masterfully brewed.

Yaegaki Kurobin “Black Bottle”  (300ml)20

All things considered, including aroma and impact, the main attraction of the Kurobin is its refined taste.

Hakushika Yamadanishiki  (300ml)20

Full-bodied sake with fragrant aromas. Made with 100% Yamadanishiki rice.

Ai San San  (300ml)20

Medium dry sake with clear, refreshing taste and faint aromas of minerality.

Nanbushi Yamahai  (500ml)42

Medium dry with round aromas of rice and soft smooth taste.

Yaegaki Dry  (750ml)32

Representing the top of YAEGAKI's domestic line. Full-bodied and slightly acidic.

Homare Junmai Shu Aladdin  (300ml)30

Elegant aroma unfolds with layers of fresh apple and melon.


Gin means “careful selection” and Jo means “ferment”. Seimai Buai which must be at least 60%. Usually, it is Honjozo in style.

Ozeki Ginjo Premier  (300ml)60

Rich fruity aroma and clear delicate taste

Mizunoshirabe Ginjo  (300ml)42

Light and creamy with hints of minerals and marshmallows.

Hisui Red  (300ml)25

Ruby colored sake, brewed using heirloom ruby red rice. Enjoy this most unique sweet-tart flavor.

Junmai Ginjo

Pure sake made with rice with a minimum Seimai Buai of 60% with nothing added. A super premium level sake.

Setsugetsu Snow Moon Beauty  (300ml)20

Refreshing notes of tropical fruit up front. Creamy, underlying notes of earthy rice and a hint of almond in the finish.

Bunraku Kinmai “Dancing Gold Flakes”  (300ml)29

Premium sake brewed carefully and slowly at low temperatures using Yamadanishiki rice. Clean and elegant taste. Enjoy the good luck that comes from the dancing gold flakes.

Bunraku “Dress Bottle”   (300ml)25

A harmonious finish. Fresh and full-bodied. During the summer drink ice cold, and warm during the winter.

Hatsumago “1st Grandchild”   (300ml)25

A subtle Ginjo flavor due to the Yamagata yeast that enhances the taste of foods. Light and clean flavor with a refreshing finish.

TY-KU   (375ml)25

A modern twist on an ancient tradition, a Super Premium Junmai Ginjo, hand crafted in the traditional Japanese method.

TJinju 100 Poems   (750ml)80

A full-bodied sake with fruity aromas. Reaching a perfect pitch of sweetness and acidity, this sake offers exquisitely balanced flavor.

Kaori Junmai Ginjo   (300ml)25

Dry and light with aromas of melon and banana.

Shoin Junmai Ginjo   (300ml)42

Blossoming bouquet of floral fragrances and tartness of apples.

Hakushika Junmai Ginjo –(300ml)20

Fresh, fruity sake with subtle sweet flavor and smooth finish.

Hananomai “Dance of Flowers”  (300ml)25

Fresh Koji flavor. It’s enjoyment increases with each glass.

Ozeki Jun Gensyu Hyourei   (300ml)25

Spicy aromas and fulfilling flavor.

Daiginjo: "Great Carefully Selected Brew."

Made with rice polished to at least 50% (often much more) and has a varied level of added alcohol. An ultra premium level sake.

Hakushika Kuromatsu  (300ml)25

Fruity aromas and gentle body

Ozeki Osakaya Choebi   (300/750) 35/65

The only Sake worthy of the name of Ozeki’s founder. Full-bodied, with a rich bouquet, yet has a refined, drinkable flavor that holds up.

Mu “Nothingness”  (300ml)29

From your first sip, you’ll be satisfied by the brilliantly aromatic and complex flavors. Great palate cleanser

KEN “The Sword” Daiginjo   (750ml)120

Gorgeous aroma of melon, pear, peach, and apple. Elegant, sensitive taste, and sharp dry finish. Great with eel or mackerel.

Junmai Daiginjo

Pure sake made with rice polished to at least 50% with nothing added. An ultra premium level sake.

Minowamon “The Gate” Junmai Daiginjo  (750ml)100

Sweet fruit including white peaches and Yubari melon complimented by the floral fragrances of lilac and violet make up the main elements of this sake.

Rock Sake -Junmai Daiginjo  (375/750ml)25/48

Hand-crafted with all natural California rice and polished to 50%. Light citrus on the nose, perfectly balanced body with hits of melon.

Sharaku  (300ml)29

A painstakingly hand crafted artisan Sake. Exquisite aroma and mellow flavor most prized in a premium Daiginjo.

Nigori or Cloudy Sake

Nigori is the way sake first appeared when it was brewed for the Imperial Court in Kyoto as well as for most of its 2,000-year history. It is unfiltered or coarsely filtered Sake that retains some of the lees and rice solids from the fermentation.

Homare Nigori Aladdin  (300ml)30

This Aladdin Nigori Sake comes in a unique and elegant bottle, shaped after Alladin’s famous lamp. Expressing the diversity of sake, this bottling has vivid aromas unfolding with layers of banana and pear.

Hakushika Sayuri Nigori  (300ml)20

Sayuri means "a little lily”. This type of sake is characterized by its texture and sweetness, but also by its melon-like flavors.

Rock Sake “Cloud”  (375/750ml)25/48

Ancient Japanese artisan tradition combined with modern technology, and a pure Oregon mountain spring water.

Ty-Ku Coconut Nigori  (375ml)25

A Premium Nigori Sake infused with the refreshingly sweet taste of Coconut Silky texture with the refreshingly sweet taste of coconut and hints of vanilla

Crazy Milk Junmai Nigori  (300ml)20

Crazy Milk is a very high quality Nigori at its best.

Shirakawago Nigori Ginjo  (300ml)22

Using Hida Homare rice, this unfiltered sake has succeeded in bringing out the deliciousness of the rice itself. A unique sensation of silk, milky-white sweetness on the palate.

Sho Chiku Bai  (375/750ml)13/32

Bold and sweet. Rich and robust flavor with distinctive rice savor

Sparkling Sake

Ozeki Hana-Awaka – (250ml)16

Refreshing, sparkling, and with a soft sweetness

Ozeki Sawa Sawa   (300ml)20

Delicious clear sweet taste using only rice and rice malt.

Japon Sparkling Sake   (375ml)25

Light and smooth sparkling sake like champagne.

Interesting Sakes

Kizakura Pure   (300ml)20

A grainy nose with fruit and dry finish. Taste is ultra smooth and has a nice medium boozy finish.

Shirayuki Nama Fresh   (300ml)20

A unique, easy-to-drink Sake. It has a very light, fresh taste. Excellent with tempura.

Hakushika Nama Fresh &Light   (300ml)20

Mild sake with refreshing aroma, aged at a cool temperature before flash pasteurized.

Tannenbaum Premium   (300ml)20

Korean rice wine with creamy fuller body in mouth with unique flavor and a hint of sweetness. Fresh picked pine mushroom waft subtly on the nose - crisp and dry notes finishing clean.

Flavored Sake

Hana-Kohaku Plum – (300ml)20

The unique original sake with Japanese Plum juice. Sweet and refreshing taste.

Moonstone Plum – (720ml)35

The perfect synthesis of luscious ripe plum, creamy almond and bright citrus notes blend seamlessly with premium Sake.

HANA Fuji Apple (750ml)35

Enjoy the flavor of this increasingly popular Japanese fruit. HANA Fuji Apple appeals with its fresh aroma that fulfills the palate with the crisp tartness of the fruit. The lovely, lingering finish continues the taste of rich apple flavor.

HANA Leeche (750ml)35

Lychee was once a favorite fruit of Emperor Li Longi’s special concubine, Yang Yuhuan in the Tang Dynasty. HANA Lychee appeals with aroma that fulfills the palate with the intense flavor of this exotic fruit. The lovely, lingering finish continues the rich lychee taste.

Kiri Mist Peach (500ml)29

Perfectly Balanced, Rice-Forward with Tangy Peach Undertones, Clean Finish

Kiri Mist Pear (500ml)29

Perfectly Balanced, Rice-Forward with Mellow Pear Undertones, Clean Finish.

Kiri Mist Apple (500ml)29

Perfectly Balanced, Rice-Forward with Crisp Apple Undertones, Clean Finish.

Sake Terms and Labeling

Sake is a Japanese beverage brewed from rice, water, Koji mold to break down the starch, and yeast. The sake brewing process is similar to the beer making process. Before brewing, the grains of rice are milled, removing the outer layers of the rice to get to the starchy heart of the rice. The percentage of the rice that is milled away determines the quality grade of sake - the larger amount milled away, the higher the quality.

The term seimai buai is how much the rice has been milled, or "polished". This is a percentage that refers to the size of the grains after milling. For example, rice with a 60% seimai buai has had the outer 40% ground away, with the inner 60% remaining.

Shu just means “sake”. Nihonshu means “Japanese Sake”.

Junmai means the sake is pure sake made only from rice, water, koji mold, and yeast, with no other additives. Historically, to label the sake Junmai, at least 30% of the rice milled had to be milled away.

Ginjo means that at least 40% of the rice grain was milled away. Ginjo sakes are premium quality sakes.

Daiginjo means that at least 50% of the rice was milled away. Daiginjo sakes are super-premium quality sakes.

Honjozo means that some distiller’s alcohol was added in the brewing process to make the sake a bit lighter and more fragrant. It is a centuries old method to add the specific character the brewer is looking for.

Sparkling means the sake is bubbly, like champagne.

Nigori means that the sake is unfiltered. Nigori sakes will be a bit cloudy and may still have some rice bits in them. It is best to shake nigori sake before pouring and serving it to mix it up.

Namazake means the sake is unpasteurized. It is perishable. It needs to be consumed very young and kept refrigerated both before and after opening.

The Nihonshudo, or Sake Meter Value, is a scale that indicates how sweet or dry the sake is. Neutral (pure water) would be 0 on the scale. Dry sakes are rated with positive numbers - the higher the number, the dryer it is. Sweet sakes have negative numbers - the more negative, the sweeter it is.