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At Home Happy Days Menu

Wine, beer, sake at Sushihana

As we all are adapting to life during a pandemic, mere “happy hours” just don’t seem long enough to celebrate life. So each week for as long as we are needing to practice social distancing, Sushihana will be offering At Home Happy Days Specials.  We hope that these will help to make your time at home a celebration.

At Home Happy Days Specials


Green Tea Ice Cream (1 pint) – $9

Water, Iced Tea, and Bottled Soda

Vai Wai Artisinal Still Water (500ml) – $2

Topo Chico (12oz bottle) – $3

Sweet or UnsweetIced Tea (1 Gallon) – $5

Coke Mexico (500ml bottle) – $3

Sprite Mexico (5ooml bottle) – $3

Wine by the Bottle

Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio – $10

Piatelli Torrontes – $24

Sycamore Lane Chardonnay – $10

Daou Rosé – $37

Sycamore Lane Pinot Noir – $10

Liberated Pinot Noir – $28

Sycamore Lane Merlot – $10

Daou Pessimist Red Blend – $26

Sycamore Lane Cabernet Sauvignon – $10

Wine by the Case

Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio – $96

Sycamore Lane Chardonnay – $96

Sycamore Lane Pinot Noir – $96

Sycamore Lane Merlot – $96

Sycamore Lane Cabernet Sauvignon – $96

Sake by the Bottle

Sho Chiku Bai Crème (375ml) – $10

Matsunoi “Wishing Well”  Tokubetsu Honjozo (720ml) – $31

TyKu Cucumber (250ml) – $6

Social Sparkling Elderflower Apple, Pink Grapefruit Ginger, or Hibiscus Cucumber (10 oz) – $5

Beer by the Bottle (12 oz bottle) – $3

Sapporo Premium

Kirin Ichiban

White Claw Hard Seltzer by the Can

12 oz cans – $3
Natural Lime

Sushi Bar Specials

Sushi-at-Home Special – $25

bluefin tuna nigiri (4 pieces)
scottish salmon nigiri (4 pieces)
toro takuan roll

Sushi-Sashimi-at-Home Special – $38

bluefin tuna nigiri (4 pieces)
scottish salmon nigiri (4 pieces)
toro sashimi (3 slices)
bluefin sashimi (3 slices)
scottish salmon sashimi (3 slices)
white fish sashimi (3 slices)
toro takuan roll

Small Makimono Tray – $37

california roll
crunchy roll
spicy salmon roll
spicy tuna roll
sushihana roll

Medium Makimono Tray – $62

california roll
crazy mike roll
crunchy roll
jazz roll
new orleans roll
philadelphia roll

Large Makimono Tray- $85

big easy roll
california roll
crazy mike roll
crunchy roll
diablo roll
dragon roll
nelson roll
sunrise roll

Sashimi-Grade Bluefin Tuna Steaks $30/pound

Sashimi-Grade Bluefin Tuna Sashimi Strips $35/pound

Consuming raw or under cooked food may increase your risk of food borne illness.