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Hot & Cold Appetizer Menu

Sushihana appetizers

Begin your meal with a shareable appetizer such as flash-fried calamari, spicy edamame, shatteringly crisp vegetable or shrimp tempura, pan-fried gyozas, refreshing seafood and cucumber sunomono, or chilled tuna poke.

Sushi Bar

Albacore Appetizer torched albacore, crispy garlic, sprouts, & bonito ponzu

Pepper Tuna togarashi rubbed, daikon, & ponzu

Fish Bowl raw fish, cucumbers, & ponzu

Sushi Appetizer (nigiri): tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, & crab stick

Sunomono shrimp, crab stick, octopus, white fish, surf clam, & vinaigrette

Naruto wrapped in cucumber, snow crab mix, avocado, & spicy mayo

Sashimi Regal 3 tuna, 3 salmon, & 3 yellowtail

Tuna Poke tuna, seaweed salad, masago, sea salt, & sesame oil

Tempura (lightly battered and deep fried)


Green Beans


Sweet Potato


Onion Rings

Zucchini & Yellow Squash

Tiger Shrimp


Gyoza pan-fried dumplings, spicy gyoza sauce

Harumaki Japanese spring rolls, sweet & sour orange dipping sauce

Edamame boiled green soybeans & sea salt

Spicy Edamame charred soybeans, crushed red pepper oil, lime wedge, & ginger garlic sauce

Grilled Tenderloin Yakitori beef tenderloin, green onions, & teriyaki sauce

Grilled Chicken Yakitori chicken breast, green onions, & spicy ginger sauce
Sushihana Wings celery salad, spicy chili jam or teriyaki sauce

Crispy Tempura Asparagus Fries wasabi aioli

Chicken & Onion Rings Tempura Heinz ketchup & orange marmalade

Agedashi Tofu fried bean curd, shaved bonito flakes, & tempura sauce

Swirling Shrimp shredded phyllo, lightly fried, eel sauce, & spicy mayo

Baked Salmon Scottish salmon, snow crab mix, eel sauce, & spicy mayo

Calamari touch-fried baby squid, tiger cry & spicy marmalade sauce

Crab Cakes Asian slaw & ginger soy butter

Combination Fried Rice pork, chicken, & shrimp

Applewood Smoked Bacon Fried Rice

Tenderloin Beef Fried Rice

Soft Shell Crab ginger-garlic tempura batter & house ponzu

Seared Scallops wok-wilted spinach, bacon, shiitake mushrooms, & ginger soy butter

Consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your risk of foodborne illness