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Dessert Menu

Dessert menu

Go ahead, you know you want it! Japanese cuisine is so light and healthy you can afford to indulge in one of our sumptuous, signature desserts.

Signature Ice Creams – $4
banana nut, candied ginger, dulce de leche, green tea, honey pine nut, pistachio, red bean, true vanilla

Warm Chocolate Cake – $10
seasonal ice cream

Tempura Cheesecake – $7
New York style cheesecake fried in a light tempura batter

Toffee Cheesecake – $7
berry puree, caramel, and chocolate sauce

Tempura Banana Split – $6
tempura battered banana, banana nut ice cream, fresh berries, & whipped cream

Banana Roll – $8
tempura banana cheesecake maki, banana nut ice cream, & caramel

*Green Tea Crème Bruleé (dine-in only)
served with fresh berries

Dessert Wines

*(dine-in only)